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These buttons are to allow the donation of an amount for a specific project.  The amount donated will be recorded for that donor, who will receive an acknowledgement letter for income tax purposes from the Ouachita Mountains Biological Station, a 501(c)(3) organization.  Our annual budgeted income is $30,000; all of our expenses, including salary for the resident manager, electric bill, phone, internet, and insurance, have to come out of that $30,000 for the entire year, which leaves about $4,000 to $5,000 for unscheduled expenses, such as equipment or appliance repairs or replacement.

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Things the OMBS needs-

Materials: Drill Press, Hand Tools, Laboratory supplies (dissecting pans, dishes, instruments), Dissecting and compound microscopes, GPS unit, Weather equipment, Small off-road vehicle (4-wheeler), Dormitory/dining hall to sleep 48 persons.

Labor: Concrete work, Trail construction, Build a retaining wall.


OMBS Workshop

To help pay off the short-term loan incurred for the construction of the new OMBS shop.  We do not have extra funds for the two remaining annual payments of the loan.  We have already made three annual payments of approximately $6,000 each.
Rosy Maple Moth


To support general biodiversity research at the OMBS through the purchase of needed supplies or equipment, such as the motion cameras that have provided so many photographs of rare animals, bears, and activity patterns.


To assist with the immediate electric costs, which run about $2,000 to $2,500 per year.
solar panels

Solar Power

Our long-range goal is to implement 100+% solar power in order to save money in the foreseeable future.  Funds received for Solar Power will offset the cost of converting to 100+% solar power for the OMBS and will enable us to achieve this as soon as possible.
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To provide and prepare for the future construction of a new office-dormitory building at OMBS.  This project is to enable us to accommodate larger groups (presently we have 17 beds available, of which, only 12 are in heat/AC space with bathroom facilities.  We would like to be able to accommodate larger groups of 100 or more and be able to host regional or state meetings of biologists, other scientists, environmental groups, college groups, government agencies, community groups, etc.  We have a preliminary plan for a building that would provide 40 beds, complete kitchen, and a dining room that would seat about 100.


To provide for a permanent endowment for the future of the OMBS.  Earnings from these funds could be used to increase the salary of the resident manage and for general OMBS support as we grow in the future.  Eventually we will have more paid staff, a dormitory with food service, a giftshop on the grounds, and a greater impact on education, research, and public service in the Ouachitas.
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Land Acquisition

This fund would provide for future land acquisition as opportunities arise.  The U.S. Forest Service is amenable to any OMBS benefactor acquiring private in-holdings in the National Forest and then exchanging (on a value-for-value basis) the inholding for National Forest land adjacent to OMBS.  The adjacent newly acquired private land could then be a long-term lease or donation to OMBS.  We have three prospective areas that would be appropriate for such acquisitions.
Like another way to donate?

Just send a check to:

OMBS c/o Dr. Laurence Hardy

Museum of Life Sciences LSU in Shreveport

One University Place

Shreveport, LA 71115-2399