The Biodiversity
of the Ouachita Mountains Biological Station

(Potential and Verified)

Verification by the notation of a specimen, sight record, or reference is indicated for each verified species.This list is made possible by the efforts of the following collaborating scientists who have contributed identifications of voucher specimens.

Biodiversity Update

The OMBS Biodiversity Project is being updated frequently now. Those of you who have visited the OMBS in the past and have made voucher collections, would you check the biodiversity page and add any species that you can. Please e-mail Larry Raymond the species name and museum number of a voucher specimen. Thanks for your help.


Laurence M. Hardy (Compiler), Bryn Dentinger, Larry Dye, Bill Eley, Hubert Hervey, Jim Ingold, Jo-Ann Jennier, Vicky LeFevers, Amanda Lewis, Charles Lyon, Michael MacRoberts & Barbara MacRoberts, Brad McPherson, Jeff Pittman, Larry R. Raymond, David Simons, Rosemary Seidler, Richard K. Speairs, Jr., Jeff Trahan.

If you have any information concerning the biota including metazoa, vascular plants, bryophytes, and fungi, please provide the scientific name, museum number (for a voucher specimen) or a literature citation, location and date of collection, and name of the collector(s). Send the information to Larry Raymond. Contact info is below.

The Biota